Wishes of the Deceased

When it comes to planning for the last wishes of the deceased, the pain of those left, sometimes blur the line between; is the funeral for the living or the dead?

Tell Them Your Wishes

Death is not a comfortable matter to talk about, but make it known to your spouse, children or friends what you would like to happen to your body when you pass, as well as what kind of a service you would like. Some points to consider:

  • Do you want to be buried or cremated?
  • Are you an organ donor?
  • Do you want a religious ceremony or not?
  • Should it be a celebration or a small gathering?
  • What music do you want played?
  • Do you have a favourite poem or hymn that is a must?

Should you end up in hospital, consider your living will which will cover a ‘Do not resuscitate’ (DNR) order. Lots of pain can be avoided, both for you and your family, if you are clear what your wishes are should your heart stop or you are declared brain dead.

Respect Their Wishes

When it comes to it, some people find it hard to honour the wishes of the dead, because it conflicts with their beliefs on how the process should happen, but remember it might not be what you want but it will help with closure and the mourning process, knowing you did what they wanted. So as much as the funeral is to honour the last wishes of those who pass, it can also provide support and comfort to those who get left behind.