Pre Paid Funeral Cover

Did you know that you could plan and pay for your funeral well in advance? There are funeral parlours that offer this service for you to consider.

What is a Pre-Paid Funeral?

A pre-paid funeral allows you to pay for your funeral in advance, which not only locks in the cost in today’s prices, it means that you can document your wishes for your funeral, including covering how you would like your remains to be dealt with namely, cremated or buried. This is done through a written contract with the funeral parlour you select.

What are the benefits of paying for a Pre-Paid service?

The biggest benefit is that it will not cost your family any more money, once the time comes, which will give them peace of mind regarding any financial burden and allows them time to focus on their grief. They will also be able to honour your final wishes, as you would leave this for them as part of your contract. So, you can go into as much or as little detail as you want. This is a great way for you to explore how best to have your life remembered and your memory honoured.

How does it work?

The cost of your funeral will be calculated on what you select, and that pre-payment will be held in a trust account, where it remains until your time of passing. Only then will the money be accessible to the funeral parlour to use as per your contract and wishes.

You can also check with the funeral parlour on what payment terms they have, some will expect a once off lump sum, where others allow for payment over a 3-month period. Bearing in mind that life is unpredictable, make sure that you select a burial home that has many branches and is well established before you consider purchasing pre-paid insurance, this will make sure you can access this service.

As with any contract, do your homework upfront and ensure that this is the commitment you want to make to your funeral service.