Ways to Pay for Funeral Expenses

You have different options available to you when it comes to how to pay for funeral costs, but the key is taking responsibility for how you want your life celebrated and remembered.


If you do not have cover then the onus will fall to your family to cover the expenses of your burial. As all the costs are immediate, following a death, it can put strain on your family to put together R5 0000 – R15 000. It is worth sitting down as a family and making sure that one of you have funeral cover to provide for all the family members, this way you can prevent any unnecessary stress.


In certain cultures, or locations within South Africa, communities come together and contribute to the family that has lost a loved one. There is also a massive informal sector of funeral cover, known as Stokvel, where groups of people all contribute monthly and when a death occurs the funds collected help pay for funeral costs. This allows for different families to benefit in their time of need.

If you are going through a hard time and find yourself unable to afford and form of funeral cover, relying on family or your community is probably your best bet on how to pay for funeral costs with no money.

Funeral Insurance

The best way to pay for funeral expenses is to make sure that you have funeral insurance for your own life, so that when you die, your family and friends will have the means to bury you, without the expectations of them needing to find the money. There are many options available to you in finding the right cover, so do your research and find the insurance that best suits your needs and your budget.


This is not the best way to cover funeral costs, as taking out a loan is an irresponsible and costly way to pay for a funeral. Generally, this will add a burden to your family, who is probably stretched financially already. Try all your other options first, before looking to take a personal loan to bury a family member. If this is your last resort, there will be quite a lot of criteria you will need to ‘pass’ before you will qualify, be aware of this.

These are some options available to you to pay for burial expenses. As it is a stressful period for those left behind, it is always recommended that you take responsibility for your own life. Make sure that you talk with your family and let them know if you have a funeral policy and if you cannot afford one, see how best you can come together.