The Importance of Funeral Insurance Premiums

‘Janu-worry’, every start to a new year is hard on families that have celebrated the festive season and have to get the children ready for school. Sometimes life and expenses can be too much and ‘grudge’ purchases, such as insurance, are usually the first to be cancelled.

Why You Should Continue Paying Monthly Funeral Insurance Premiums

Funeral insurance premium payments and any other insurance that you might have, should not be the first of your monthly payments to go, when you find yourself in a hard time. Insurance is necessary to ensure that you and your family are protected when tragedy happens. Here are two ways to change the start of your next year, which can help you and your family pay your funeral insurance monthly premiums, always:

Budget, Budget, Budget

Don’t get carried away over Christmas time, it is so easy to spoil all your family over the festive period and to overindulge in foods and holidaying. Rather than getting carried away, talk to your family and friends and run a secret santa for the adults, so that you only buy one present for one adult. You can also look at what gifts your children will appreciate so buy thoughtful ones, quality can be better than quantity. When it comes to food, get everyone to bring something so that the cost is spread. You don’t have to cook everything just because Christmas is at your house. Make sure you delegate!

By running a budget and planning your Christmas spend over the whole year, instead of relying on your bonus or the last few months of the year, you will find dealing with January and the next year of school, a breeze. So, start planning today!

Funeral Insurance: Get cover with affordable premiums

When you take out cover for your family you can find companies where you can pay low premiums on funeral insurance, or you can get funeral insurance that pays back all your premiums, do your research and whichever option you take, make sure that you get the cover that you can afford. It might not be the best cover for now or enough to take care of the future, but at least make sure you can provide a proper funeral when death happens. Once you have your budgeting working for you, you can revisit and take our more cover if needed.

By planning your financial year from January with a budget on how you plan to spend, you will find that when it comes to monthly expenses you will always have them covered and have enough to ensure a good holiday, that does not get you in debt or dreading the ‘Janu-worry’.