Costs Of Funerals

The cost of a funeral varies greatly depending on the wishes of the loved one who has passed. It can range from a very expensive, complicated funeral to a simple, affordable one – so select the correct policy cover to provide the right amount of money and added benefits you need.
Because funerals can differ so much in terms of culture, ethnicity, personal preference etc, it is difficult to list all possible costs, but below are some of the general costs involved.

Funeral Parlour Service Fee

Generally people use a funeral parlour which deals with most aspects related to the funeral. They will charge a fee, which may or may or not include many of the costs below – so select a well-known, well-priced funeral parlour and speak to them in detail about the different services and costs they provide. Sometimes doing most things related to the funeral will be cheaper and easier through the funeral parlour – in other cases sourcing things yourself may be cheaper.

Notification of Loved Ones and Other Parties

Dealing with the many aspects of funeral arrangements, and communicating the loss of a loved one can cost a lot in phone bills, so many funeral policies have added benefits of airtime. If you place an advertisement in newspapers this is another expense to add.


If the body of the loved one needs to be transported to the funeral, repatriation costs are involved. This can sometimes be from overseas, or from different parts within a country, so can often be expensive – Funeral cover policies cover these various types of costs in different ways, so carefully select yours based on this.


A coffin is necessary for both Cremation and Burial. Cremation coffins are generally cheaper since they are often simple boxes not on display for the public on the day. Burial coffins are on display, and can range from affordable to very expensive depending on the loved ones’ request. The clothing which your loved one will be laid to rest in is another expense to budget for.


Should you wish to commemorate the loved one’s grave-site, a tombstone can be purchased and laid. Once again, the costs for this vary greatly, depending on what type of tombstone, inscription etc is required.


Besides transport for the actual family to the funeral etc, some loved ones wish to provide transport for mourners. Depending on how many people need transport and where they are based, this can be expensive.

Venue Hire

Depending on where you hold the funeral and wake, how many people there are, and how simple or complex it is, venue hire costs can be large. Also factor in any fees charged by religious or spiritual leaders who facilitate the ceremonies.


Depending on the size of the group of mourners, and whether it is a something like a simple tea or a fully catered event, these costs can vary greatly.

Musicians and/or Other Service Providers

Some people request certain musicians, music or other service providers for their funeral, so factor any sort of costs like these into your budget.

Funerals can be very expensive when you look at all the costs involved – which means that having a policy to cover you and your loved ones for what you need is very important.