Buying A Coffin

Buying a coffin is not common dinner discussion, but as it can be one of the biggest expenses at a funeral, it is worth understanding what type of caskets you get and based on your budget, what coffin you’d like to be laid to rest in.

What Are Coffin Prices in South Africa?

It is not easy to find information around the cost of coffins, but as a guideline your entry level, no frills, coffin starts from around R800, while the most commonly priced coffin is around R8,500. You can also get coffins upwards of R50,000 for those who want a royal send off. When the day comes, and you need to bury a loved one or it is you who needs to be buried, you will find the information you need from your nearest or recommended funeral parlour, that can be arranged through your funeral cover provider.

What Kind of Coffins Do You Get?

By understanding what type of coffins you get, it can help you make an informed decision on what you would like to make an investment in. It is also a personal choice on if you would like your body viewed or if the coffin you would like is merely a housing unit pre-burial or cremation. Knowing what kinds of coffins you get, you know what your choices are, and what can suit your budget. The different kinds of caskets you get are:

  • A dome casket – a casket with a rounded lid
  • A flat top coffin – a coffin with a flat lid
  • 3 or 4 tier coffins – which are embellished coffins that have different dimensions and carvings
  • Closed or open caskets – they will either have a solid lid or one that opens half way

There are additional choices that you should consider when it comes to coffins. Some of the choices to consider are if you would like a casket with or without lining, the interior of the coffin is commonly made from silk, velvet, cotton or crepe and handles that can vary from rope to metal. Coffins can also be made from different materials such as wood, metal or fibreglass. The common wood caskets are made from are pine, oak, walnut, cherry, ironwood or kiaat. Regarding the metals steel, bronze or copper can be used. Also, be aware that coffins come in different sizes, if you require a larger or longer coffin than a standard size, this could also cost you more.

There is lots to consider when it comes to selecting a casket and your budget, hopefully this provides you with ideas of what to take note of prior to the burial of you or your loved ones.